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Understood, I thought this is specifically ignored on Windows. I also have some information using clang-tidy and msvc intellisense code analysis. They didn't find bugs, just a lot of warnings. I will check other tests.
On 23 Nov 2021, 17:43 +0300, Roberto Ierusalimschy <>, wrote:
I think you are not interested in the results on Windows (built with msvc).
I suspect this issue exists from the beginning, but still.

main.lua:38 errors because os.tmpname can't be open in read mode, file
doesn't exist.

We are interested in the results on Windows, but note this [1]:

The test suite is not a product; it is just a tool for our internal
use. It is available here by popular demand but we cannot give any
kind of support for it. You're on your own.

The main point is: if you can find a bug in Lua using the test suite,
great, we want to know about it. But we do not care much for "bugs" in
the test suite itself.


-- Roberto