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Good day!

This all started because I wanted a better console calculator, Python
was irritating me and typing "lua -e 'print(math.sin(2.34))'" was just
tedious. So in its simplest form, el makes calculation on the console
a little easier on the fingers, and can remember things (even
user-defined functions) for later.

$ el 2*sin[pi*2.3]
$ el set tau=2*pi
$ el {tau+0.1 tau+0.2}
$ el set f={x: sin tau*x}
$ el f 0.1

It was a fun exploration of the idea "what would a shell-friendly
language based on Lua would look like?" and I hope you find it
entertaining, at least.

The Readme is the Article - otherwise just symlink e to el.lua.
(tested with 5.2 and 5.3)

Steve D