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I’m happy to announce a new version of LuaLogging

From the changelog:
- Added: the log format can now be specified for each log-level individually (allows for colorizing)
- Added: new bundled appender; "nginx". Just forwards logging to OpenResty logs.
- Added: application level defaults (loglevel, time-format, log format, and a default logger)
- Added: the included appenders now have an extra parameter to set log-level upon creation; logLevel.
- Added: the log Pattern can now have new placeholders:
    "%file" (source file), 
    "%line" (source line), 
    "%function" (function name), and 
    "%source" (evaluates to "%file:%line in function '%function'”).
- Added: the console logger can now also log to stderr

Installation is easiest via LuaRocks.