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Hello list,

Announcing a new release of LuaRocks, the package manager for Lua.

This release includes a change to handle new protocol policies that
are being enacted in GitHub, so if you are experiencing issues with
git:// rockspec, the upgrade should fix the problem.

## What's new in LuaRocks 3.8.0

* Support GitHub's protocol security changes transparently.
  * The raw git:// protocol will stop working on GitHub. LuaRocks already
    supports git+https:// as an alternative, but to avoid having to update
    every rockspec in the repository that uses git://, which would
    require a large coordinated effort, LuaRocks now auto-converts
    and URLs that use git:// to git+https://
* `luarocks test` has a new flag `--prepare` that checks, downloads and
  installs the tool requirements and rockspec dependencies but does not
  run the test suite for the rockspec being tested.
* Code tweaks so that LuaRocks can run on a Lua interpreter built without
  the `debug` library.
* `luarocks upload` supports uploading pre-packaged `.src.rock` files.
* Configuration fixes for OpenBSD.
* Respect the existing value for the `variables.LUALIB` configuration
  variable if given explicitly by the user in the config file, rather
  than trying to override it with auto-detection.
* Windows fixes for setting file permissions:
  * Revert the use of `Everyone` back to `*S-1-1-0`
  * Quote the use of the `%USERNAME%` variable to support names with spaces.

LuaRocks 3.8.0 contains commits by Carl Smedstad, @gerrard-YNWA,
Deepak Singh Rathore, François Perrad, @omar-polo, @erw7, Alex
Richard, and Hisham Muhammad. You can find detailed credits in the Git

You can find all links for installation at —
source packages for all supported platforms and binaries for Windows
(32 and 64 bit) as well as Linux x86-64 are available.

Special thanks go to Kong <> and
<> for their continued commitment to open source,
sponsoring the maintenance of the LuaRocks in various ways. If your
company is interested in sponsoring the maintenance of LuaRocks and/or
a support contract, feel free to contact me off-list at


-- Hisham