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    lua-l and iup-l lists, so please do not directly continue
    this thread. ***


I'm digging deeply into Tecgraf's IM, CD and IUP packages,
working to get them running easily under GNU/Linux.

I note that the "building from scratch" documentation notes
that CD depends on IM, and that IUP depends on (at least)
CD, and will have at least an indirect dependency on IM, and
possibly may have a direct dependency.

Other mini-packages that are in the mix with these major

    - IM and CD use ZLib; this is now openly available on
      both GNU/Linux and Windows; the GNU/Linix code prefers
      the OS library to directly using its own copy;

    - CD has sub-projects of FTGL and PDFLib7-Lite (pdflib7);
      these also need to be built under GNU/Linux.

I do not have any Windows OSes that I use much; so I am
not well-informed on building/linking/whatever; perhaps you
need guidance form someone on the IUP discussion list:

        IUP Discussion List  <>


For IUP, I have gone to:

The documentation is in PUC-Rio's "WebBook" format, so
direct URLs are not available.  Try clicking on:

        - Product

            - Download

                - Library Download Tips

In particular, I'm not sure exacly how "VSCode" and "GCC"
under Windows 10 (using Cygwin?) fit into the picture.


In any case, I hope that this narrows down your problem
space, and makes your search easier.


sur-behoffski (Brenton Hoff)
programmer, Grouse Software