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>>>>> "Philippe" == Philippe Verdy <> writes:

 Philippe> This is quoted from Lua 5.2

No it's not, it's from _section 5.2_ of the book about Lua 5.0.

 Philippe> And this is the only text available on official site

It is the only text _of the book_ there, because the updated editions of
the book cost actual money to buy.

The reference documentation for 5.2 which can be found at covers this issue under "function

 Philippe> Version 5.2 really had the implicitly declared local variable
 Philippe> "arg",

5.0 had that, 5.1 deprecated it in favour of ..., and 5.2 removed it.
This is trivially verified by experiment:

$ lua51 -e 'arg="foo" (function(...) print(arg) end)(1)'
table: 0x...........

$ lua52 -e 'arg="foo" (function(...) print(arg) end)(1)'