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Thanks for your reply.
Any issue if in the metatable creation code, I'm adding manually a field __name when under < 5.3 ?

So the remaining of the code will be the same  whatever Lua's version :)

Le dimanche 28 février 2021 à 00:48:51 UTC+1, Sean Conner <> a écrit :

It was thus said that the Great Laurent FAILLIE once stated:
> So, now, from Lua's side,  how to retrieve metatable's name ???? (in my case, "SelTimedWindowCollection")
> I tried to test against the metatable itself but it doesn't work :
> print( getmetatable(col.getCollection()), SelTimedWindowCollection )-> table: 0xb79650d8       table: 0xb7965100

  Starting with Lua 5.3, the metatable will have a __name field, as
mentioned in the documentation for luaL_newmetatable().  For earlier
versions of Lua, you will have to call debug.getregistry() and manually scan
it for the name.

    mt = getmetatable(thing)
    reg = debug.getregistry()
    for name,value in pairs(reg) do
      if value == mt then