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debug.getinfo does not guard against '>' as the first character in what/options. This can result in lua_getinfo expecting a function on the top of the stack but db_getinfo not pushing it, when a call stack index is supplied instead of a function. When a different thread is inspected, this can result in stack top being reduced by one every time debug.getinfo is called. After reducing stack top of a different thread, calling debug.getinfo with a function object instead of a call stack index can result in the function object being written somewhere in the middle of the stack of the other thread as can be seen in the following test.

local c = coroutine.create(function(changed)
   coroutine.yield() -- Here debug.getinfo will write the print function into 'changed'.

local value = "Random"

coroutine.resume(c, value)

debug.getinfo(c, 1, ">") -- This should 'error bad argument #3 to 'getinfo' (invalid option)' as debug.getinfo(c, 1, "X") does. assert(debug.getinfo(c, 1, ">f").func == value) -- Reading the local variable 'changed' from the coroutine.
debug.getinfo(c, print, "")

local _, val = coroutine.resume(c)
-- assert(val == value, "Value changed") -- This should be true,
assert(val == print) -- but this is

I am aware that using the debug library wrong can cause unexpected behaviours, but debug.getinfo already errors when an unexpected option is supplied, therefore '>' shouldn't be allowed too.