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On Tue, 24 Nov 2020 at 15:52, Xavier Wang <> wrote:
> Petri Häkkinen <>于2020年11月25日 周三03:30写道:
>> Perhaps it’s again time to consider adding Rehashing is heavy when initializing these kind of large tables...
> Our server was a complete static memory C++ ones for hold many players online (15000 players one process), so we really need table reuse, and the best API we most desired is the lua_resettable()...--

LuaJIT includes both and table.clear(), many people use
them extensively on OpenResty (which for some time is LuaJIT only, no
longer compatible with Lua).   But I've been requested several times
(on two different companies which pride on high performance) to
optimize as much as possible some small "hot" parts of the code.  Only
once I saw a tiny improvement on reusing a table.  I usually don't
bother with either.  It's usually far more readable to use the curly
bracket constructors.

Every time I see somebody using without
benchmarking, I'd like to just remove them, but I know it would be a
loooong discussion.