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> In this case bugs are defined as the sanitizers integrated into LLVM,
> which essentially revolves around memory corruption bugs.
> [...]

As far as I can remember, the only issue we've had with sanitizers
is float-divide-by-zero, because Lua assumes IEEE behavior (NaN
result). There are other options that complain about standard behavior
used by Lua (e.g., unsigned-integer-overflow, unsigned-shift-base).
Can we assume they will not be used?

Another recent issue we had with some sanitizer (or maybe it was
a static analyzer?)  was the read of an uninitialized union. When
we use a tagged union, it is common that some tags don't need any
field in the union. The C standard is somewhat vague about this case
(trap representation vs unions), but it does not make sense to
initialize some arbitrary field only to satisfy a tool.

-- Roberto