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pardon sir, I have a question with no relevent lua. 
I have subscribed lua mail list for some time with microsoft out look, but recently I found  the lua mails are automatically marked
as trash and be put in trash box. 

I dont set any filter conditions for my outlook mailbox,  so i want to get help from anyone to solve this question.
thanks a lot.

发件人: Chris Smith <>
发送时间: 2020年11月16日 21:08
收件人: Lua mailing list <>
主题: Re: Lua 5.4.2 New assorted suggestions (Part II)

> On 16 Nov 2020, at 13:03, Ranier Vilela <> wrote:
> Usually I write optimized code, it has worked for me.

You know the first three rules of optimisation, right?  They are, in order:

1. Measure
2. Measure
3. Measure

Show that there is a problem.  Show that there is a measurable benefit to fixing it.  Show that your ‘fix’ works and backs up your claims.


Chris Smith <>