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Work In Progress: About Lua structures
Sizeofs 64 bits (msvc 2019 64 bits):
Instruction: 4
TValue: 16
TString: 32
LClosure: 40
Proto: 128

I'm studying the structures of Lua, and one caught my attention: struct Proto

I think it's breaking the cache line in two.
After running the factorial test (

An information caught my attention:
0.03s trap = L-> hookmask;
returning: / * trap already set * /
0.04s cl = clLvalue (s2v (cy-> func));
0.13s k = cl-> p-> k;
0.01s pc = cy-> u.l.savedpc;
0.01s if (trap) {

A simple move is taking an average of 0.15s (0.13s to 0.15s).
0.13s k = cl->p->k;

Wouldn't Lua benefit from dividing struct Proto in two?
Would it pay off?

Ranier Vilela