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Almost every test uses functions that are not available from the beginning of Lua. Nucleotide uses metatables for example.
This benchmark test is aimed more to measure VM speed rather than RAM/features abilities.
I might use ack benchmark or stay with the current one.

On Thu, Nov 12, 2020 at 2:01 AM Ranier Vilela <> wrote:
Em qua., 11 de nov. de 2020 às 19:20, Spar <> escreveu:
Hi Ranier.
The Fibonacci test was chosen because it was the first that came to my mind, I took it from PIL. But yeah it seems not fair to compare Lua 5.4 with LuaJIT in the conclusion.
I also had to use `repeat until` because Lua didn't have for loops until version 4.0.  
What benchmark example do you suggest instead?
Here has some:
seems challenging for Lua 5.4 ...

Ranier Vilela