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With some of my tests, I came across this alert from DrMemory (
~~Dr.M~~ Error #7: POSSIBLE LEAK 1616 direct bytes 0x0000028e94a6b8d0-0x0000028e94a6bf20 + 7442 indirect bytes
~~Dr.M~~ # 0 replace_realloc               [d:\drmemory_package\common\alloc_replace.c:2669]
~~Dr.M~~ # 1 lua5.4.2.dll!l_alloc          [C:\dll\Lua\lauxlib.c:995]
~~Dr.M~~ # 2 lua5.4.2.dll!luaL_newstate    [C:\dll\Lua\lauxlib.c:1038]
~~Dr.M~~ # 3 main                          [C:\dll\Lua\lua.c:625]

I'm surprised that a simple test with very little used memory,
Lua is already calling realloc!

Ranier Vilela