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Not entirely sure about this one as it depends on notable list of
libraries, but I'd suggest lgi, the Lua bindings to GLib. Even without
GTK Gui it still have great potential, as it exposes entire GLib/Gio
functional to Lua.
One of best features it have are async operations, so you e.g. can copy
many files at the same time without too much pain. I'd say it can
replace following of rocks:
luafilesystem (but I'd still keep it as it's much simpler)
luaposix (I think most functional is covered)
luasocket + luasec (with libsoup)
hashers (see
 for supported ones)
Overall, it's a really powerful tool, with coroutine-based async
support allowing for complex inter-process interactions.

On Sun, 2020-10-25 at 11:21 +1030, sur-behoffski wrote:
> I would like to propose to the GRML team that Lua, LuaRocks,
> and a selected set of "GRML-goals-compatible" Rocks be added
> to GRML, so that I do not need to form a tailored GRML image
> myself...
> ... But what Rocks are most appropriate?...
> At present, I'm running with a list that is has some sanity,
> but sometimes is rather arbitrary.  I would appreciate
> suggestions on a more cohesive "Lua and LuaRocks with
> GRML-friendly SysAdmin+Command-line Batteries" set of Rocks
> to use.
> At present, I'm using the following Rocks:  Some are included
> because they are dependencies of other Rocks (e.g.
> luafilesystem):
>         bit32
>         ldoc
>         luafilesystem
>         luaposix
>         luasec
>         luasocket
>         markdown
>         md5
>         openssl
>         penlight
>         sha1
>         sha2
>         std._debug
>         std.normalize
>         std.strict
> (Plus one semi-Rock of my own, as a value-added variant of
> an old version of luaposix:
>         PosixExec.lua
> )
> I can already think of some candidates:  JSON and XML parsers,
> as partners to the other tools in the GRML toolkit that can
> output in a structured format.  (Another thought:  LDAP?)
> PosixExec is especially valuable, as the first-word command
> is found using the Shell PATH, but all other parameters are
> in an array table, and are not subject to any interpretation
> by the shell in any way whatsoever -- this helps with
> eliminating code injection; occasional downsides include
> having to to filename globbing by hand.  By contrast,
> "io.popen" hands its entire path to the shell -- this is more
> flexible, but leaves potentially unwanted shell
> expansions/substitutions/globbing/pipes etc. open.
> So, I would like to tap into the experience base of the Lua
> list:  What Rocks would you especially find useful in
> system-administrator/rescue/forensics (perhaps including
> network diagnostics) settings, perhaps as a partner to a Distro
> such as GRML?
> Thanks in advance for any suggestions... and hopefully, over
> time, a list can accumulate... this list would perhaps be a
> candidate for the Lua Wiki.
> cheers,
> sur-behoffski (Brenton Hoff)
> programmer, Grouse Software
v <>