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Dear Sunshilong,

     Each Lua state is entirely self-contained, and therefore you can
make 10s or even 100s of them in one C/C++ process. The common way to
do multithreading with Lua is to create multiple lua_State's, and then
let them run independently while setting up ways to communicate
information across threads in specific ways to need it.

    Even for non-multithreaded programs, a common way to guarantee
sandboxing without hijacking tables is to create a Lua State for each

     Note if you have 2 or more Lua States, you cannot use a reference
(Table, Userdata, etc.) that came from Lua State #1 with Lua State #2
without invoking undefined behavior (and, in severe cases, a crash).

Hope that helps,

On Tue, Oct 20, 2020 at 9:50 PM 孙世龙 sunshilong <> wrote:
> HI, list
> Is there any circumstance that needs to invoke lua_newstate () to
> create two or more Lua states in a single C\C++ process?
> It would be better if you can give me a few simple examples.
> What aspects should I consider(or be aware of) when creating two or
> more Lua states in a single C\C++ process?
> Best regards
> Sunshilong