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hi there! :)

luajit is actively maintained these times, but Mike, its author went silent for like a whole year before, but he signed that he had other businesses to focus on...

nobody can predict the future, while based on its unique awesomeness, i guess luajit wont die out, and on the contrary, based on its high entry level (to maintain its sources, not to use it) there is a chance that its real fate depends on Mike...

otherwise the lj fork of openresty is actively maintained, and even if none of those ppl around it are actually Mike, they arent dumb either :) if im right, then Siddhesh works/worked on gcc (at fedora?), according to his blog that i once found :D he started his own fork, moonjit, when Mike disappeared back in time, but now i believe that he moved all of his effort to the fork that is maintained for openresty. this fork is up to date, compatible, and all their customizations can be disabled on compile time, if im right, furthermore it supports ppc bigendian too, that was dropped from luajit (if im not mistaken here :D if i am, then its little endian, but i dont think so...)

not to forget, moonjit aims to become compatible with the current puc lua, it has a dedicated branch for it, but i dunno how far it reached that way, but i think not too much...

there are also two more important forks that im aware of, one is raptorjit, that Luke started with an extreme level of activity on it, with the main goal to make the jit behave on a more predictable way, but he also dropped much architectures and the custom allocator, just in the name of maintainability... later on, i think he had basically other duties, and Max took the torch from him, but i dont see much activity from his behalf there either, probably they achieved what they wanted, that is some router driver for high traffic (if im right :D )

and there is luavela, that is made under the flagship of iponweb, im not really familiar with it, but i can see some activity around it sometimes, and i know about it that it has a bunch of interesting modifications...

also, i saw a bunch of talented ppl around luajit who actually could touch the codes, there are other forks out there, and even php8 will use dynasm from luajit as its new jit backend, so after all, i think theres enough ppl with more or less of the necessary interest time and knowledge to keep luajit alive in the worst case... i also read sometimes random portions of luajit, and actually i believe its far not as horrible as some say, i think i didnt see anything that i couldnt understand, expect some assemblers for architectures that im not familiar with, or such stuffs that i didnt track down to its roots... however there are parts ive never seen so far now, and it is somewhat mentally overwhelming to keep all the important details on the right track (yummy, i actually like such stuffs! :D )


about web stuffs, there is kernelsauce/turbo (on github) that has easily digestible sauce codes and an awesome set of abilities, however currently they are about to slowly tracking down some memory issues, that can even be anything like some innocent dead weight made by table allocations, but it can also be a real memory leak as well... it is intended to be embeddable, and therefore it is really small fast and it is self-contained, so even if it has any bugs, it is a project that anybody can fork any time... (ok, not anybody, but whatever :D ) it doesnt have a rushing development on it, but it is fairly complete, ppl use it in production, and they say it is really fast! :) (im yet to try it seriously, but i have prerequisites and a bunch of nontrivial [dev]life-issues at hand to resolve 1st...)

i hope i could help, i wish all the bests to u, and have fun! :)

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