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On Fri, Jun 19, 2020 at 7:05 PM pocomane <> wrote:
> Ops, sorry, I messed with the links. However I discovered it in one
> recent thread of this mailing list, so maybe it is better to refer
> directly to it: . I still
> can not find the time to properly test it.

Ops again. And sorry again for the double post, but I have to report a
severe failure in my memory (the one in my brain I mean).

The Errata:
1) The first link I posted [1] does actually contain the code for
passing the tables, but, as noted by Andrea, there is no reference to
the changes in the Readme
2) I fought with it some days ago, and I ended up forking the code [2]
3) I performed some VERY minimal tests on table passing, that seems to
work. But I would NOT use it in production without other extensive

If you want to give it a quick try, I have a static lua release that
includes this LuaProc extension [3].

[2] . it is forked by
[1], I just added the reference to the L.Millan thesis and a function
I needed for some test: it reports the number of free/running threads.
[3] Single binary containing lua and a handful of libraries; linux,
windows and mac packages in the Release section: