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Le dim. 31 mai 2020 à 00:21, Petri Häkkinen <> a écrit :
Check out this amazing open-source text editor:

It’s written in Lua and it’s very easily extendable. Its architecture is elegant and minimalistic, qualities it shares with Lua.


I think the Lite editor is a really great piece of software. It is small, light on resources and yet the graphism is beautiful and it runs smoothly. I also appreciate the Lua integration and all the power it brings.

The only aspect that seemed subpar to me was the font rendering. To improve this aspect I have been working on the Lite editor to add support for subpixel font rendering. I am now quite satisfied with the result but for the moment I didn't ask to merge my code into the main project.

The code is available in a branch of my fork of the Lite editor:

and can be compiled using Meson. It requires the SDL2 library plus libagg and the freetype library.

I have prepared some pre-compiled binary packages for linux and windows

I personally think that the subpixel font rendering is much better and it is close to Sublime Text but I would like to have some feedback.

Kind regards