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Dear friends,

I have never developed any applications or games before so I am very fresh developer.

I decided to launch a game using Corona platform.

So far not much progress.

I need HELP :

1) There will be budget allocation to various parts of economy such as healthcare or army or educations and so on.  Everytime when money from budget allocated to parts of the economy the balance in budget should decrease and the allocated part should be enhanced. 
So there will correlation between budget and parts of the economy.
I am struggling how to do that as I created images and I tried to do physics but NOT successful.

2) Also there will be other correlations and factors which affects the game for players such as crime rate or mass media or corruption. So that increasing expenditure for one part means less amount available for other parts.Thus I want to know how to adjust these correlations which affects negatively or positively or neutral.  

3) The game should be played by multiple players through internet connection.
     The players should be able to do international trade with each other or to organize military       or  trade unions or Even able to start war against each other.

I really hope to get advices and syntax examples.

Thank you very much.

Best regards,