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First, an apology if I'm in the wrong forum!
I'm not clever, and certainly not a developer so please be gentle with me!
I'm running Windows 10 Pro ver. 1909 build 18363.778 and back in 2018 VLC Player stopped being able to copy Video/Audio from YouTube.
I was told to update the "youtube.luac" file which I did, successfully.

Same thing happened again recently but when updating, I made the mistake of copying and pasting the content of the old file into notepad and saving it to my desktop as "youtube old.luac" in case it all went Mammaries aloft.

It actually saved as "youtube old.luac.txt", which it seems has now associated ALL ".luac" files with the "Notepad" icon.

Someone on the Videolan Forum told me I would need to do a clean install of Windows to rectify this!
Please tell me there is a simpler way.
...and guide me through it, ...please! 

No idea what happens now, ...will someone email me an answer?
...or do I have to keep checking back to this thread?
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