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On Fri, Apr 24, 2020 at 2:12 PM Russell Haley <> wrote:

On Fri, Apr 24, 2020 at 12:34 PM Michael Nelson <> wrote:
Does anyone have a *simple* makefile for lua v5.4-rc1? It would be for
the mingw compiler on Windows 10. The makefiles with the source code are
just to complex for me too understand. I just need to build lua.exe,
luac.exe, and lua54.dll. I can handle installation and testing manually.

Warning: I'm at work so all this is largely untested from my (very) faulty memory...

Option 1)
Luawinmake uses batch to build Lua. The repo has a 5.4 branch but I don't know if it works with rc1

Option 2)
This is an educated guess, but: If you're using gcc-mingw and GNU Make on Windows then you can run something like:

make "MAKE=make" "CC=x86_64-w64-mingw32-gcc"  mingw

where "x86_64" is 64 bit and "i686" is 32 bit. I think that *should* work with 5.4-rc1. I'm not sure if you will have problems with `strip`, but if you post back I can help. I've noted that when running `make` on Windows it barfs if there are spaces in the path to the `make` executable so I specify the short name in the parameters.

Option 3)
If you're not sure where you are getting mingw from, I have a *beta* installer[1] called WinLua that installs Lua5.3, LuaRocks and the LLVM-Mingw compiler (and make): My toolchain requires a patch to the src/makefile:

Patch to 5.4 src/Makefile -
Already patched src/Makefile -

I just fixed the "Already Patched" makefile (tee hee). 
Steps to build 5.4 rc1 on a fresh windows machine with WinLua:
- Download 7-zip for the Lua sources
- Download and install the WinLua Toolchain:
- Download and extract the Lua 5.4 rc1 sources (7-zip)
- Copy  into the Lua sources as src/Makefile (overwriting the original)
- Drop to powershell and use :

mingw32-make "MAKE=mingw32-make" "CC=wlc32" mingw 

I think I'm going to rename `mingw32-make` to `make` in the next release.

Good luck

To build with WinLua (again, from memory...):

mingw32-make "make=mingw32-make" "CC=wlc32" mingw

where wlc32 makes 32 bit and wlc64 creates 64 bit binaries.

If you do use WinLua, please report any bugs to my repo at

Good Luck. I'll check the mailing list later tonight when I get home.

[1] The installer is beta, the compiler is solid LLVM

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