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Announcing version 0.21.0 of hererocks, a Python script for
fetching and installing Lua, LuaJIT and LuaRocks:

The main function of hererocks is creating an isolated installation of
plus LuaRocks in a selected directory. Lua sources are patched so that default
package.path and package.cpath point to locations LuaRocks uses to store
installed modules.

hererocks provides a few options to customize Lua/LuaJIT installation:
you can select compatibility flags, pass arbitrary compilation flags,
disable readline, and apply patches from

New features in this version:

* Added support for Lua 5.4.0-rc1
* Added support for LuaRocks 3.0.3 - 3.3.1
* Added support for moonjit 2.2.0
* Added support for RaptorJIT
* Added support for rc versions of Lua

To install hererocks use pip[1] and run 'pip install hererocks' or get
'' from its Github project.

hererocks was created by Peter Melnichenko, and this is the first
release since his passing. Most of the work that went into this
release were done by François Perrad. I took care of transferring the
pip account over to the luarocks organization after the amount of time
required by the Python Package Index elapsed, packaging and pushing
the release.


-- Hisham Muhammad

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