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On Wed, 15 Apr 2020 at 23:45, Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo
<> wrote:
> Lua 5.4.0 (rc1) is now available for testing at
> The checksums are
>         MD5     276c5d873d9358fd82d1a3c372123e38  -
>         SHA1    33257f2b5c3fb4966b3a5a67611c1d4aaf72dca8  -
> This is the final version of Lua 5.4.0 (rc1).
> The main changes in Lua 5.4.0 are listed at
> An updated reference manual is included and also available at
> The complete diffs from beta to rc1 are available at
> A test suite is available at
> To build Lua in a common Unix-like platform, just do
>         make
> The Makefile will guess your platform using uname and build Lua for it.
> We welcome feedback on this, which is new, especially more uname targets
> with explicit rules and fixes for existing ones.
> We also welcome feedback on the listings output by luac -l -l, because
> luac has been rewritten to account for the new VM instructions.
> All feedback welcome. Thanks.
> --lhf

Quick first round of feedback; not looking at any language changes yet:

On archlinux (x86_64):

Running the tests I get a failure in files.lua line 745.
The test `sh -c 'kill -s HUP $$'` returns `nil signal 1` rather than
the expected 'exited'.

I get one reported error from the undefined behaviour checker when
running gc.lua tests:
> lparser.c:1825:26: runtime error: applying zero offset to null pointer
This occurs when `getinstruction(fs, &v.v)` expands to
and `fs->f->code` is NULL.

Compiling against musl instead of glibc:

I get a failure in strings.lua:
> 'collate' locale set to 'ptb'
> ../src/lua: strings.lua:405: assertion failed!
If it helps `print("alo" < "álo", "álo" < "amo")` shows: true false
And similar again for lines 409-412.
And then again for literals.lua:273
i.e. something is going wrong with setlocale...

../src/lua: attrib.lua:272: assertion failed!
> package.loadlib("dont exist", "foo")
> nil    Dynamic loading not supported    open
You're not getting the "absent" the test expects.

../src/lua: files.lua:823: assertion failed!

I find the lual line-range output syntax a little weird:
The comma separator might look better as a colon or a hyphen?