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On Wed, Apr 1, 2020 at 4:21 AM Jeonghum Joh <> wrote:

I have to implement a SW that does ATcommand communication with a modem.
The modem is LTE or 5G modem.

I know there are a few serial communication apis in lua world.
Is there any open source lua program that implement AT command?

Thank you in advance!

Not super sure about exactly what you need, but it sounds like you need something that can help you with a serial port interface? If so, you may check out:

or maybe Lua-serial

here are some notes and pointers on the topic:

Depending on what you're doing, Love2D can be an interesting playground and it includes serial port support:

LibUV / Luvit is another environment that is easy to work with and has serial port support:

There is another one that I was looking for, but couldn't find it... starts with a p...

Anyway, your question caught my interest because I've been poking around a similar question, as well.

Andrew Starks