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> On 27 Mar 2020, at 12:54, Nereus <> wrote:
> Out of curiosity, is it possible to ease deployment of Lua apps to
> Windows/Mac users (since I guess Linux hosts often have a C compiler) by
> just zipping…
> - The Lua interpreter (EXE + DLL)
> - Modules in plain Lua, which the interpreter will compile on the fly
> - DLLs of C-based Lua modules
> ?
> Thus, the user wouldn't have to install LuaRocks and a C compiler.

Yes.  ZeroBrane Studio uses this approach and I have copied that for my Shuttle project, which is essentially just a launcher for Lua apps that also allows you to package up the application source files into a binary blob.  The bootstrapping mechanism adds a package loader to search the blob when require(), loadfile(), etc are called.

Chris Smith <>