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Sqleet is a cool encryption extension for SQLite, written by github
user Resilar. It is a very nice and easy to read implementation of a
SQLite encryption codec (much simpler than for example SQLCipher).


A sqleet database is a sqlite3 database which is encrypted on disk.
Database pages are transparently decrypted and encrypted when they are
read from and written to the disk; so the database content on disk is
permanently encrypted.

Sqleet uses Chacha20 / Poly1305 for authenticated encryption.

This binding, Luasqleet,  uses the lsqlite3 driver written by Tiago
Dionizio and Doug Currie.  The Luasqleet API is identical to lsqlite3.

Luasqleet includes the SQLite amalgamation (sqlite3 version 3.31.1)
and the crypto implementation, so the Lua module can be
built without any other dependency.

This is an alpha version, built and tested on Linux with Lua 5.3.

License is MIT for lsqlite3 and public domain for sqlite3, sqleet.