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Hi, list!

I'm glad to announce that we have made a new release of Effil - v1.1.0.

Effil is a multithreading library for Lua. It allows to spawn native threads and safe data exchange. Effil has been designed to provide clear and simple API for lua developers.

It's minor release includes some useful features:

  • Function upvalues now are captured together with functions.
  • Thread's stack trace is available in case if any not handled error occurs during thread execution.
  • GC improvements: now GC triggers collecting when amount of allocated objects growth in N times.
  • New effil.dump function allows to convert effil.table back to Lua table.
  • New effil.hardware_threads() function gives optimal amount of threads recommended by OS.
  • Build artefact now is just a single file

To get binaries and read docs use github or install using luarocks.

With best regards,
Kupriyanov Mikhail.