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It's really a matter of having different places for different things.

‣ The Lua discord seems the best place to just chat about the language
and not have to wait for ages to get an answer.

‣ Stack Overflow is a neat place to look for questions that have already
been asked, specially the more typical beginner questions.

‣ The subreddit is sadly almost dead, but the format is essentially like
a mailing list but with upvotes.

But there's a few things that make the mailing list unique:

• Mailing lists have a bit of an oldschool feel to them these days,
which I enjoy

• Call me paranoid, but I like having local copies of stuff on my PC.
Stack overflow can be taken down one day, but the mailing list archive
can easily be replicated and saved offline.

• I know this sounds a bit mean, but the higher barrier to entry keeps
the kids out. I don't mind helping people who actually want to learn,
but when you read "I have an idea for a roblox game who wants to build
it for me?" for the 100th time, you get a bit tired of it.

• This and reddit are the only places where people write long walls of
text. Sure, short answers are nice when you have a specific problem and
just want it fixed, but when discussing detailed aspects of a
programming language, it's nice to read what people think in detail.

• It's free of memes.

• People here don't (usually) write it "LUA"

On 21/02/2020 21:10, Soni "They/Them" L. wrote:
> What are some benefits of posting on the Lua mailing list instead of
> places like stackoverflow?
> Some of the ones I can think of include:
> - The Lua mailing list doesn't have advertisements, other than the
> occasional spam or self-promotion. Still, the Lua mailing list doesn't
> have paid advertisement slots, "you get an ad every N emails" or any
> of that. (at least as far as I can tell.)
> - The Lua mailing list doesn't track you. Even if it does collect your
> emails, it doesn't track your time spent reading or writing them or
> anything like that.
> - The Lua mailing list doesn't try to gamify assistance. There's no
> incentive to farm any sort of points on the Lua mailing list.
> - Email signatures.
> What (else) brings you here?

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