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On 2/19/20, Coda Highland <> wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 19, 2020 at 1:16 PM Eric Wing <> wrote:
>> Manually pumping the event loop on macOS can work in limited cases,
>> but can/will break down if your application uses/interacts other
>> system frameworks that depend on the native event loop. Apple has
>> private implementation details in their event loop pump which can't be
>> recreated through public APIs and some of their own implementations
>> seem to depend on these things (or have some kind of implicit
>> assumptions). For example, things with modal windows, file dialogs,
>> and menu bar interaction may no longer work correctly. I remember a
>> very old bug where Game Center just wouldn't work.
> I'm well aware of that fact, but... who's suggesting doing that? Queueing
> up continuations on the event loop is a far better way of going about it.

The op's proposed code using NSApp nextEventMatchingMask is manually
pumping the event loop.