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Am 06.02.20 um 18:26 schröbte Pierre Chapuis:
On Thu, Feb 6, 2020, at 18:23, Pierre Chapuis wrote:

Yes. I remember reading an explanation along those lines by Ryan Dahl somewhere.

Found it:

Very interesting read. Thanks for the link!

It appears to me that if we want portable (meaning also Windows) event handling in your standard library, there currently is no way around libuv. The good news is that there already are Lua bindings to libuv, so we have a starting point for our Lua extended standard library. I don't know how the current state of the binding is. Maybe we have to add CI for the three target OSes and the common Lua versions/implementations, maybe add valgrind, clang-tidy etc. to the mix, add missing pieces to binding code and/or unit tests, do code reviews, the usual stuff. But we can continue from there. I believe there also is a Lua distribution based on libuv with some batteries included. It probably deserves a closer look as well as a possible starting point.