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>Ravi's JIT backend is essentially the same except there are additional
>byte codes that are type specialised.

Definitely! I should have mentioned Ravi in that list too. I guess I forgot because my mind put Ravi together with Pallene in the bucket of "languages with type annotations".

>JITing regular Lua code gives very little benefit in Ravi ... But maybe
>byte codes are more specialised in some cases so you are seeing better
>performance than I have observed.

The initial version of Lua-AOT was for 5.3. Out of the top of my mind, the results were similar, but the speedup for the 5.4 version was a smaller because 5.4 starts with a better performance baseline.

That said, I ran only a limited set of experiments, much less than what you tested with Ravi. The speedups I listed were for benchmarks from the "benchmarks game" set of benchmarks, which are the sort of microbenchmark that even a simple compiler can do well in.

Overall, I think my results were compatible with what you found. Compiling with type information (as done in Ravi and Pallene) goes much farther than compiling without type information.

-- Hugo