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Hi Italo,
thank you for your answer.

Yes the date is fixed very much now ... we had quite a long planning time of
2 months ... first we considered already April but now we shifted to
October. October 12 and 15 is National Holiday in Brazil, therefore this
week is very nice for the Brazil people for travelling. Further this time is
quite crazy in Freiburg concerning all the conferences they have there ...
it was not so easy to find the rooms and the time... . We are very lucky
that it works out so nicely now at this WARA school.

Sorry for the 1 week break against the Oktoberfest ... but maybe for some
people better :).

But there is a very nice beer garden in Freiburg at the edge of the Black
Forest mountains, with nice views over the city and the Rhine valley, and I
think we might propose this place as welcome-come-together place for Sunday
evening ... .

I hope ok for you... .

... but if you know already Oktoberfest from other years, maybe you could
try the Stuttgart competition this year ... this is the "Cannstatter Wasen"
in Stuttgart beneath the Mercedes Museum :) (Sep. 25 to Oct 11) ... this is
smaller than Oktoberfest but still VERY large... (I think it is the 2nd
large "Volksfest" in Germany after Oktoberfest - it is always a bit in
competition with it) .

On October 10 there is a wine festival in Oberrotweil (a wine village very
near to Freiburg, you can drive there using the regional train in about
20-30 minutes): "Herbsthock Oberrotweil" - but this is more "small and cosy"
and without beer.

In Freiburg on October 10 there is a music night event called "Sound City"
(Freiburg celebrates its 900 year city festival this year...) - but this
also is quite a contrast to OKtoberfest I am frightened, it comes with DJs
and light shows ... quite sure no Bavarian music there ... it specifies
"Club-, Pop- and Sub-Culture", whatever this means :).

In Hinterzarten in Black Forest (about 30min from Freiburg by S-Bahn), there
is a "Blasmusik Festival" in this time, but the program is not yet
published... there you should get Bavarian style music and beer without end
on the weekend (but no carousels probably, or only very restricted compared
to Oktoberfest ... for the carousels you could inspect Europa Park in Rust
near Freiburg, also 20-30min by train from Freiburg, this is the largest
amusement park of Germany ... and it has "slpashed up" its image now with
the new water world Roulantica...  for those who like this ... but you
should be in a group, alone it is a bit lonesome I think.

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