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On Wed, Feb 5, 2020 at 11:04 AM pocomane <> wrote:
But I still believe that oop should be in a standard library because a
lot of people REALLY want it, to the point to discard languages that
do not support it out of the box.

Lua HAS OOP out of the box. It's not necessarily the dialect of OO people are used to, but it has everything necessary to qualify. It's sort of like old-school _javascript_ OO if you didn't want to screw around with prototypes -- you have a constructor function that builds the object and then you use it. Such a scheme doesn't lend itself too readily to strongly-typed polymorphism, but Python has gotten by with duck typing for the vast majority of its needs since its inception.

So really, what we need to do is not to standardize some form of OOP; we need to stop spreading the FUD that Lua doesn't have it built-in.

/s/ Adam