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It was thus said that the Great Oliver once stated:
> 3) Luarocks: as I wrote: in my opinion this is the best thing we currently have:
> it also has a rating system but this seems only half implemented: one can give
> stars but these are not visible in search results. Discussions and quality
> control are also missing, e.g. it is not possible to detect for what platform
> packages are available etc. There are also major problems that are unsolved,
> AFAIK, see for example:

  In my opinion, the only way this will be solved will be for Hisham to
unilaterally declare "a Lua module name MUST be ..." and enforce it through
LuaRocks or for Roberto to declare "a Lua mdoule name MUST be ..." and
enforce it through Lua.  Anything else will just devolve into useless
conversation.  Because we've *had* this conversation.  Repeatedly.  Several
times.  Again.  And again.