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It was thus said that the Great Archie Cobbs once stated:
> However, my gut feeling is there is only one viable solution out of this.
> That is to fork the lua code and create a totally new and completely
> separate project that's NORMAL.
> That means:
> - It's not restricted to ISO C
> - It configures and builds with autoconf
> - The build selects optional features automatically based on platform
> support
> - It's hosted on github
> - The project accepts PR's
> - Incorporate the best of what's out there (e.g., LuaJIT, sockets, etc.) in
> one place
> - Allow new & optional features like multi-threading
> - Maintain backward compatibility with Lua and merge Lua's
> updates&improvements over time
> - All the other NORMAL things an open source project normally has
> This project would have a different name of course...

  So what is stopping you?

> I'm not volunteering to set all this up just now, but I'll definitely join
> the movement if one gets started.

  Oh, that's what's stopping you.  You aren't dedicated enough to do this.  

  I don't think anyone here is dedicated enough to do this.