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On Fri, Jan 31, 2020, at 23:07, Captain Zidgel wrote:

Does anyone have any experience with Xavante and WSAPI? I'm a complete noob in web dev and I've been looking for something like Ruby's Sinatra in Lua. There exists such a project on Github called Mercury (nrk/mercury), but it's been abandoned for almost a decade.
I tried to fix it up and see if I could get it working (I have no reason to believe it was nonworking at last commit) but after fixing some module environments to work in 5.1 I found only Xavante errors.
/usr/local/share/lua/5.1/wsapi/common.lua:135: not a valid WSAPI application

It will work if you use the appropriate versions of its dependencies. To use newer versions you need to update the code a little bit, since the APIs of the Kepler deps have changed.

If you just want to run Mercury, try this:

Do any full sites even exist in Xavante/WSAPI in 2020? What ever happened to the Kepler project?
I recognize I've basically puked 30 million questions up here but my real one question is this:
Is there any detailed guide to using Xavante+WSAPI to create a Lua web app?

I have no idea if people are still using Xavante in production. If you intend to make a serious Web app with Lua today, I would advise you to look at Lapis which is probably the best maintained framework. If you want more lightweight solutions still within the OpenResty ecosystem, check out or Or just use CGI.

I would say Xavante is still fine if you want a pure Lua server, for instance on an embedded device, but I wouldn't use it for a classical Web application.