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I have created a useful utility using Lua and the IUP GUI library that I want to share with my co-workers.

But I cannot expect them to install the Lua interpreter just for this tool. That's why I was looking for ways to build a
fat single executable.

I have tried everything: 

I tried 
luapak from
luastatic from
the lua-distros from 

As a last resort I am trying srlua from 
But the Makefile is for Linux and Darwin only, I have tried to compile with Cygwin-Mingw,Gnuwin32-Mingw, TDM-GCC and had no success, although it was reported here:
that it would work. 

I am looking for a step-by-step guide how to compile a Lua script into a Single executable binary in Windows 10.

Can please somebody walk me through it? I feel really stupid although I am a developer w/ 20 years experience (but new to Lua, though).