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> Sorry to be pushy, but I hope that this is a fairly simple and easy change.  If
> the developer's workload is high, and it takes many months before this change is
> attempted, I would still be grateful:  I very much enjoy the Lua language and
> extended ecosystem; my reasons for pushing back on warning messages is because
> these can be off-putting for newcomers, leading to an impression of a
> second-class ecosystem.

I'd support a new release as well. 3.0-rc1 has been released more than
6 years ago (
with 214 commits applied after the release with the last one being
more than 6 months ago. It looks like it may be time to tag the rc1 as
3.0 and tag the current version as 3.1 or something similar.

I think it's a question primarily for Diego, but are there any plans
for a release?