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Hi Javier,
thank you for getting the curve back again to my post problem... .

I just think that the tables you cite in your post are "special cases". If
in such special cases, some numbers would appear as hash, I would not mind.

I just have in mind e. g. some polyline with e. g. 50 or 100 or 1000 xy
points, and then some further hash info like name, curve colour, curve
thickness. I think it is just a nightmare currently, to get access to this
"further hash info" ... complete waste of time to iterate through the
complete table... .

I would estimate, that of the tables which require "lengthy for loop
iterations", about 90% of those tables would be a bit like such a polyline,
so a large linear assembly, plus some "further hash info", which is very
important of course but has only small percentage of storage space.

If I want to look at such hash info currently with a lua for loop, it is
really a bit a sub-optimum support there ... with pairs and next.. (ipairs
not working for the hash part...). I could try next( #t), but as next seems
to work completly accidential somehow, the result of next(#t) seems to be
completely undefined... .

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