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THank you for your answer.

Yes I understand, in the manula it says "The order in which the indices are
enumerated is not specified, even for numeric indices."

... I just somehow fail to believe this can happen... 

I just tried the following table in lua:
t= { 1, 2, "test", 4, x=5, y= 6}
for k, v in pairs( t) do
 print( k, v)

The resulting printout ALWAYS gives the index/list part of the table (1, 2,
"test", 4) in CORRECT order ... only the hashed x and y can appear in
reversed order.

This is what I would also from the lua c code ... mixing up the list part of
the table I think is nearly impossible. Possibly this Reference manual
warning is only some "historic warning" which is a remainder from some
previous lua versions, where the indexed part had not been organized as
linear array?

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