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From: Srinivas Murthy <>
To: Lua mailing list <>

This topic might have been discussed before.

We have proprietary lua code (along with C/C++ binaries) made available as a self-downloadable package (by our customers) and we need to keep it hidden for various reasons (security, IP protection, etc.).

What is the recommended mechanism in lua for this?


Can you expand on the requirements? For example, how do you meet them for the C/C++ binaries?

If the C is shipped as x86-64 in elf or coff, then shipping lua bytecode in a section is equivalent. If the x86-64 is decrypted on the fly then the same method can apply to the lua.

Similarly, how do you defend against running the compiled C under debuggers? There may be similar countermeasures that could be built into the running lua interpreter.

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