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On Fri, Jul 26, 2019 at 4:41 PM Srinivas Murthy <> wrote:
This topic might have been discussed before.

We have proprietary lua code (along with C/C++ binaries) made available as a self-downloadable package (by our customers) and we need to keep it hidden for various reasons (security, IP protection, etc.).

What is the recommended mechanism in lua for this?

There is a BSD licensed PGP application written in C called NetPGP. I was looking at embedding it and a public key in the Lua interpreter. One can then armor/encode the lua source files (with the private key) and then decode the files before you execute. You could even get creative with NetPGP and make a trial mode license and a paid for license. NetPGP comes with Lua bindings but I couldn't get them to compile (due to my own make incompetence).

It's supposedly portable code but I have never tried compiling it under Windows, just FreeBSD and Ubuntu. It was something I was hoping to put in my WinLua distribution but that's likely a pipe dream.

For What Its Worth,