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A library binding various POSIX APIs. POSIX is the IEEE Portable Operating System Interface standard. luaposix is based on lposix.

I am happy to announce release 34.1 of luaposix.

If you have moved to the new low-level APIs, and don't rely on the Lua backwards compatibility layer and convenience functions, you can safely omit those dependencies and use the C layer only.

luaposix's home page is at, with documentation at

## Noteworthy changes in release 34.1 (2019-07-20) [stable]

### Bugs Fixed

- `luke` works with upgraded bootstrap luarocks version of `require`.

- `posix.glob.glob` does not return a random errno on failure now, but
    new module constants `GLOB_ABORTED`, `GLOB_NOMATCH` or

- `posix.deprecated.clock_getres` and `posix.deprecated.clock_gettime` work again.

### New Features

  - `posix.glob.glob` supports now module constants as a second
argument: `GLOB_NOCHECK` and `GLOB_ERR`.

- `posix.sys.socket` now supports IPV6 link-local addresses.

  - use `std.strict`, `std._debug` and `typecheck` modules when
    available, otherwise behave normally without those additional
    runtime checks.

Install it with LuaRocks, using:

    luarocks install luaposix 34.1