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It was thus said that the Great Coda Highland once stated:
> (Also, where do you draw the line between "cargo cult" and "best
> practices"? Because I've certainly seen you describing the "right" way to
> do things before.)

  Bob's TV wasn't working properly and the picture would roll around (okay,
so this is an old TV we're talking about here).  He would whack it on the
side, and still, the picture would keep rolling.

  Bob got annoyed enough to take to the local TV repair shop.  He described
the issue to Alice, and sure enough, when she plugged it in and turned it
on, the picture would roll.  Alice then gave it a whack, and immedately, the
picture was stable.

  "What?"  asked Bob.  "I whack it, nothing happens!  You whack it, it's
fixed!  What the?"

  "Easy," said Alice.  "When I whack it, I *know* why I'm doing it."

  -spc (Like to think I can at least rationalize why I do what I do)