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It was thus said that the Great Patrick Donnelly once stated:
> On Sun, Jun 30, 2019, 9:42 AM Andrew Gierth <>
> wrote:
> > >>>>> "Tom" == Tom Sutcliffe <> writes:
> >
> >  Tom> I've tracked this down to the fact that the test - not the
> >  Tom> production code :) - was relying on the tostring representation of
> >  Tom> a full userdata 0xABCD being the same as the lightuserdata
> >  Tom> representation of the same pointer - they were both "userdata:
> >  Tom> 0x1234" on 5.3
> >
> > er... no?
> >
> > In 5.3, the tostring representation of something that's not a number,
> > string, boolean or nil and which has no __tostring metamethod is:
> >
> >     lua_pushfstring(L, "%s: %p", kind, lua_topointer(L, idx));
> >
> > where "kind" is the value of the __name metafield if it exists and is a
> > string, and is the luaL_typename of the original value otherwise.
> While we are on this subject, giving Lua scripts access to the pointer
> address to something in memory is a needless footstool to breaking out of a
> sandbox and potentially taking over an application. 

  I'd like to see a proof-of-concept before I worry about that.  I mean, I
can always do

	x = 0xcbc5c0

which *is* a valid address on a running instance of Lua on my system.  Or
0xb7d7f000 or 0x00cbe040 or any number of other values.

  -spc (And no, loading a special C module to exploit this won't cut it)