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On Tue, 27 Nov 2018 at 14:10, Hugo Musso Gualandi
<> wrote:
> These Javascript JITs change all the time. Nowadays v8 uses an interpreter as its first stage.

heh, i remember when V8 was introduced, they bragged how it "compiles
everything straight to optimized machine code" on first load.  but
yes, it has to change continuously to keep up.

mozilla also has done a _lot_ of variations of JIT, classic function,
tracing, metatracing, procedure-based (again), pseudoclasses, phased
optimizations....  all while adopting asm.js and turning it from a bad
joke (hey, i can compile C to JS!), to a nice VM in WASM....

there's no limit on what people are willing to do to keep using JS
without actually writing JS!