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On Mon, Nov 26, 2018 at 2:30 AM Soni "They/Them" L. <> wrote:

On 2018-11-26 7:22 a.m., Pierre Chapuis wrote:
> On Mon, Nov 26, 2018, at 01:15, Soni They/Them L. wrote:
>> - Lua has little to no support for composition-based OOP, whereas it has
>> many features to support inheritance (__index/__newindex) and other
>> forms of OOP (self:methods()). This isn't a big deal, tho, as it can be
>> easily solved with a rather small patch.
> Can you give an example of what you would want here?
> Because for me, "composition-based OOP" does not need much
> language support. For what it's worth I almost never use inheritance
> in Lua (or any other language, really).

The classic Cratera[1] `foo:[component].method()` (note the colon) syntax.


I looked at cratera once but didn't grasp the benefits because I don't write games. Months later I was reading Roblox game code and the use case for cratera became crystal clear. Likewise, Garry's Mod has very deep component nesting and a library like cratera would simplify development.[1]

[1] I still don't write games so I may be off mark.