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So you just demonstrater that you just want to polemicate, you don't provide any useful help with your very shortsighted view when the discussion was much more generic...
We were giving some examples, now you interpret the examples as being the only available options (which they are not, programmers will always invent new alternatives).

Le dim. 25 nov. 2018 à 04:58, Philippe Verdy <> a écrit :
"Based on" does not mean they are the same... There are other formats, working on the same principles (for example COFF)...
And no! The PE format is not used directly when building, it's only one of the final formats supported by the native loader/linker.
Note that the Windows kernel (as well as several Unix/Linux kernels) also supports other formats (PE is not the exclusive one for Windows), and so it implements several native loaders.
I just took one example.

Le dim. 25 nov. 2018 à 04:06, Sean Conner <> a écrit :
Let me try this one more time ...

It was thus said that the Great Philippe Verdy once stated:
> note that executable and DLL modules on
> Windows, as well as on OS/2, are based on directly on the ELF format) !

  I would like for you to provide a citation that states the Windows
exectuable format, known as PE (for "Portable Executable") is based directly
on ELF (for "Executable/Linker Format").  They are two different formats.