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Am 24.11.18 um 03:19 schröbte Sean Conner:

   No answer to my question though?

I'm not sure which question you mean, so I'll try to answer all questions I can find in your last message.

I ask, what does "not defined in the
current translation" mean to you?

Probably the same as you, with the exception that I think "current translation" refers to a single translation unit as in the descriptions of the other translation phases. But then we do agree on the fact that unresolved external symbols may be looked up in a library. What we don't agree on is what is supposed to happen if a library contains an external symbol that already is defined somewhere else (either in a standalone translation unit or in a library).

So, how do I interpret these results?

You answered this one yourself.

So did I use two non-comformant compilers for this experiment then?

Your compilers are probably fine. As soon as undefined behavior is involved (which I claim is the case if you link multiple external definitions), a compiler can do almost anything, and that includes ignoring some symbols from libraries if there are definitions for those symbols in other translation units.